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Monday, 7 September 2015


30th August

Nevern Estuary - high tide

sunny, dry

I saw a Curlew here just where the left bank meets the river. It flew off eventually with a 'curlew' call. Lovely! There were loads of Canada Geese there too, taking a break on their long journey to who knows where.

Curlew in Welsh is Gylfynir.

Ty Canol Woods

29th August

Weather: sunny spells, dry


Dad and me went for a short walk to the ancient woodlands of Ty Canol Woods near Newport in Pembrokeshire. It was very beautiful and very quiet. We barely saw or heard another soul. We heard plenty of birds though. I'm getting to know the songs of quite a few by now - the Wren (y Dryw), Nuthatch (Delor y Cnau) and Blue Tit (Titw Tomos Las) and the Goldfinch (Nico) too. I know the easy ones like a Woodpigeon (Colomen) and a Jay (Sgrech y Coed) too. And crows!

We didn't see any other animals. It .was very quiet there. But you can't expect nature to put on a show for you every time you go for a walk. Sometimes, it's just quiet.

But very beautiful... Prydferth iawn.

When we got back to the car, we saw this foot in a wall. Can you see it too?

It was a lovely walk too!

Hwyl! See ya!

Butterfly Meadow

The other side of the Nevern river        28th of August

The other side of Llwyngwair Manor’s River – the Nevern



Today me and my Dad went the other side of the river in Llwyngwair on our way we heard a Nuthatch and saw it hunting the tree with its beak for food, suddenly swooped two beautiful but NOISY Tree creepers and chased each other, then one went flying somewhere else and the other was chasing a Bumble Bee!

After when we were in the woods I spotted a Forest Bug.

The woods on the other side of the river look like a jungle.
When we got to the field (where I once saw a fox from the other side of the river) where we were told a lot of butterflies I called it the Butterfly Border!

We spotted…

·       Small Tortoiseshell

·       Speckled Wood

·       Red Admiral

And some Dragonflies

On our way back we paddled through the cold river - it was great - and then two Kingfishers (Glas y Dorlan) flew past us!

Well See ya! Hwyl!