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Sunday, 19 July 2015

Sunday 19th July - first blog entry!

Shwmae! Hi there!
My name is Cadi and this is my nature blog. My first entry is from Pembrokeshire in Wales, UK. Hope you enjoy it!

Morning - In Llwyngwair Wood
Weather: damp and soggy

At 8:00am on Sunday Morning I went to the woods with my Dad and we saw a White throated Dipper. The Welsh name for this bird is 'Bronwen y Dŵr' (White Breasted Water Bird) 

Latin name : Cinclus Cinclus

In the Nevern river we saw many brown trout swimming in a deep pool. The Welsh name for the Brown Trout is 'Brithyll y Môr' ('Brith' means 'speckled' or 'spotted')

Latin Name: Salmo Trutta

We also saw some Badger (Meles Meles) set holes. The Welsh for badger is Mochyn Daear (this literally means 'Earth Pig'). In Welsh the name pig is given to lots of animals e.g. a Woodlouse is called a 'Mochyn y Coed' (literally 'Wood Pig').

But they looked old badger holes. There were no signs of actual badgers.

The Housemartins (Gwenoliaid Bronwen - Whitebreasted Swallows) were also busy.


At Newport Beach – Traeth Mawr

Weather: a sunny time

At  one o’clock I went to the beach and I found some crabs. (Welsh: 'Cranc')
 To be honest we don’t now what type of crabs we found - if you know, get in touch. It might be a Shore Crab
We also found a dead Jellyfish (Sglefren y Môr) and caught a huge Shrimp (Berdysen) in the rock pools.

We had a great day looking out for wildlife. I learnt a lot. I hope this blog will help me learn more. I hope you learnt a few things and I hope the Welsh names were interesting too.

Pob hwyl!  See ya!

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