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Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Tuesday 21st July - The Royal Welsh Show

Shwmae bawb!

Yesterday we visited the Royal Welsh Show in Llanelwedd, Powys. It's the biggest agricultural show in Western Europe. There were lots of stands about nature and wildlife. My family joined the Wildlife Nature Trust so that we can learn more about local and British wildlife.

On their stand we saw this Bug Hotel which is a great idea for encouraging insects and bees in your garden. I love bugs! My favourite is the Dung Beetle (Chwilen Du / Chwilen y Dom / Chwilen y Tail) Scarabaeoidea.

So today we began building our own Bug Hotel. My Dad got some old pallets from my Nan's house and set them up in a corner of the garden. 

Here's the pallets.

This is the corner we chose.

We have a butterfly hotel already - but no guests today.

Dad used some logs to hold the pallets.

So this is it so far - two floors. 
We need more pallets! Watch this space!

Here's good guide from Merthyr Tudful council on how to build a Bug Hotel - here.

Also at the Royal Welsh, I had my picture taken with this beautiful Kestrel (Cudyll Coch)

Cudyll Coch

But we had a big surprise when we went to the toilet in one of the big exhibition halls. There was a nest of Swallows (Gwenoliaid) above the door of the Gents! The parents came in to feed the four babies every minute or so. Here's a video my Dad took. I hope they'll be OK there.

Another interesting wildlife day! Diwrnod diddorol arall!

Pob hwyl! See ya!

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