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Friday, 21 August 2015

Bug Hotel - open for business!

Bug Hotel! Gwesty'r Pryf!

The really cool that we have done this summer is build a bug hotel in our garden. Dad began it during the week of the Royal Welsh Show in July. Then we all helped finish it later on in August.

We recycled things that we found in and around the garden to build a safe place for all sorts of bugs to thrive and get shelter (hopefully).

Here's how we did it. Hope you like it!

Adding old pallets...
Filling up the pallets...
Adding all sorts of stuff...
Nearly finished...

Wedi gorffen! Finito!
We used old bricks, straw, pine cones, old plastic bottles, rolled up paper and cardboard, old pipe insulation, bamboo sticks, slates and old roofing, old flower pots, old bird houses. Dad also drilled holes in loads of bits of wood (which he really enjoyed doing!) To finish it off Mam collected pinecones and Nanna gathered moss for the top. We got some old slates from Tadcu too. A real family effort!

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