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Friday, 21 August 2015

Glaslyn Ospreys

At Glaslyn Ospreys Nature Reserve
30th of July


Weather: Sunny

On top of Wales! (but not so sunny)
After a tiring morning climbing Snowdon, we went to Glaslyn Ospreys Nature Reserve and saw some very interesting things. The reserve is now run by some of the people who live in North Wales.
We saw...

A GreaterSpotted Wood Pecker (Cnocell Fraith Fwyaf - Dendrocopus major) zipping along the river bank.

A Shorttailed Vole (again - like the one in Portmeirion) (Llygoden Bengron Y Gwair - Microtus Agrestis)

Many Chaffinch (Ji-binc - Fringilla coelebs)

Many Goldfinch (Nico - Carduelis spinus)

And some very busy Grasshoppers (Sbonc y Gwair - Caelifera)

The man at the Nature Reserve had recently found…

A DeathsHead Hawk Moth (Gwalchwyfyn Penglog - Acherontia Iachesis)

If this Moth is irritated it squeaks like a mouse! Wow!

He had also found a Horntail / Wood Wasp

At the back of its body it looks like a stinger but the female uses it to lay her eggs, they can’t harm you at all!

As well there were videos of the Ospreys LIVE and RECORDED  it was very interesting, thru the telescope you could see the pole and the cameras, the Ospreys huge nest and their heads popping out of the nest!

Here's me and my sister in an Ospreys nest! (not really :-)

Am ddiwrnod! What a Busy day!

Hwyl! See ya!



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