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Friday, 21 August 2015

Portmeirion - Voles and Dragonflies

In Portmeirion 2:00pm
29th of July
In the Woods above the village
Weather: overcast, sunny spells

Today we went to Portmeirion in North Wales, there were a lot of ponds with Dragonflies Banded Demoiselle (Gwas y Neidr) ,The Emperor Dragonfly and small fish that may have been trout we think.

I was on a bridge by one of the ponds and I started walking on the path when I saw a small hole with old bread and a Short Tailed Vole! (Llygoden Gota'r Maes)
Here is a video of the vole nibbling on the old bread and trying to get it in its hole.

I also heard some strange noises, we don’t really know what it was if you know get in touch. We think it was an Osprey (Gwalch  y Pysgod) perhaps. Portmeirion is near the Glaslyn nature reserve and the people there said that there could be Ospreys in Portmeirion but not many.

Another wonderful adventure! Antur gwych arall!

Hwyl! See ya!

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